Local Groups

Contact information for some of the local organizations conducting marine-related research and inventory work on Haida Gwaii is included here. If you or others you know would like to be listed, please send us contact information and a paragraph about the organization and its marine-related mandate.

Contact usdialogue@marinematters.org

Delkatla Sanctuary Society
Margo Hearne, Executive Director
PO Box 246
Masset, BC V0T 1M0

Phone • (250) 626-5660
Fax • (250) 626-5660
E-mail • delkatla@island.net
Website • http://www.massetbc.com/html/delkatla_sanctuary.html

Working for the protection, preservation and enhancement of the marine environment of Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary and its environs on Haida Gwaii since 1984. Restored Delkatla to its original estuarine status in 1995 by raising $1 million to replace a section of causeway with a bridge. Raised funds to build the Centre at Delkatla, open to the public 2004.

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Haida Fisheries Program
PO Box 98
Skidegate, BC V0T 1S0

Phone • (250) 559-8945
Fax • (250) 559-8951
E-mail • hfpm.reception@haidanation.net
Website • www.haidanation.ca

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Laskeek Bay Conservation Society (LBCS)
Daysun Wrubel, Executive Director
PO Box 867
Queen Charlotte, BC V0T 1S0

Phone • (250) 559-2345
Fax • (250) 559-2345
E-mail • laskeek@laskeekbay.org
Website • www.laskeekbay.org

Laskeek Bay Conservation Society's research is centered on the Ancient Murrelet, a seabird species considered to be at risk. LBCS also monitors other seabirds, marine mammals and cavity nesting birds. LBCS operates a field research camp at East Limestone Island which runs in the spring and summer months. Volunteers work alongside field biologists with data collection and wildlife monitoring.

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Roots & Shoots – Haida Gwaii Branch
Allison Gear & Shelia Karrow, Coordinators
PO Box 844
Queen Charlotte, BC V0T 1S0

Phone • (250) 559-8026 or (250) 559-7702
E-mail • agear@haidagwaii.net, skarrow@island.net
Website • www.janegoodall.ca

Roots & Shoots is the Jane Goodall Institute’s environmental and humanitarian program for youth. Our mission is to foster respect and compassion for all living things, to promote understanding of all cultures and beliefs and to inspire each individual to take action to make the world a better place for animals, the environment, and the human community.

Haida Gwaii Roots & Shoots is one of over 3,000 Roots & Shoots branches around the world. Between September and June, we meet monthly, usually on Saturday or Sunday, for a program involving care for animals, the environment, or our community - sometimes all three! Local environmental educators usually lead the programs. All kids, parents, and adult friends are welcome.

Every individual matters
Every individual has a role to play
Every individual makes a difference
~ Jane Goodall

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Tlell Watershed Society
Jason Shafto, Chair
Lynn Lee, Vice-Chair
PO Box 81
Tlell, BC V0T 1Y0

Phone • (250) 557-4453
Fax • (250) 557-4454
E-mail • mtoad@island.net

  1. The Tlell Watershed Society (TWS) is a non-profit, charitable conservation and stewardship group comprised of volunteers dedicated to: The protection and conservation of the Tlell River Watershed in perpetuity;
  2. Ecological principles and the application of ecosystem-based management; and
  3. Long-term comprehensive planning that fairly weighs community and conservation values.

The Tlell watershed is the most ecologically intact large watershed on south Graham Island, Haida Gwaii/QCI, flowing north and east into Hecate Strait. Through the efforts of the TWS and others on the Islands, the Tlell has been out of logging reach since 1995, and only one sub-basin has been logged to date.

The TWS continues to protect the Tlell through grassroots conservation and stewardship activities, supporting comprehensive community and conservation-based planning, and promoting public awareness of the Tlell through interpretative hikes and low impact trail improvement.

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