Marine Strategy

The ocean is intricate and capricious. People are equally so. Between our surface understanding of marine ecosystems and the complex depths of our society and politics, Islanders are getting together to talk about what we know, celebrating what is important to us and taking action to secure the health of the waters that surround us.

In these pages are summaries of the community dialogue thus far: discussions with community members, Islands workshops and publications focused on marine issues and marine use planning.

We are compiling and presenting marine data to help inform a community and conservation-based Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands Marine Strategy – no small task! But rather, one that requires sustained effort and support, as well as many more discussions, workshops and actions. Please visit the Marine Atlas pages to see what's going on in the sea around Haida Gwaii.

We encourage you to explore marine matters, to talk with one another about the things that are important to you, and to contact us to share your ideas.


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