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Abalone CoastWatch Newsletters

October 2010 issue – download [pdf • 1,307kb]
  • All Washed Up!
  • Marine Exploration for All the Senses

April 2010 issue – download [pdf • 1,006kb]
  • The CoastWatch Survey Results Are In!

December 2009 issue – download [pdf • 906kb]
  • Don't Hang up - We're not Telemarketers!
  • Where are those Whales?
  • Planning for Recovery

June 2009 issue – download [pdf • 1,537kb]
  • Making Haida Gwaii Coast Watch Better
  • BC Abalone now Endangered

March 2009 issue – download [pdf • 3,043kb]
  • Little Abalone Like Them Leaky Condos

February 2009 issue – download [pdf • 1,383kb]
  • Making Haida Gwaii Coast Watch Better
  • Charasmatic Megafauna

March 2008 issue – download [pdf • 2,704kb]
  • BC Abalone Recovery in Action
  • Traditional Knowledge & Science Help Explain Shellfish Declines in Coastal Alaska

January 2008 issue – download [pdf • 3,263kb]
  • Rebuilding Depleted Kelp Forests: Observations from La Jolla, California

January 2007 issue – download [pdf • 3,352kb]
  • Haida Fisheries into 10th Year of Monitoring Local Abalone Populations
  • The Almost-Discovery of Abalone Poaching Pirates

June 2006 issue – download [pdf • 625kb]
  • North Coast Abalone Seizure
  • Volunteers Spot Little Suspicious Activity
  • “It's a snail. There are not many left. It's illegal to take them.” (Abalone curriculum in the schools)

May 2005 issue – download [pdf • 487kb]
  • $25,000 Fine for Illegal Abalone Fishing
  • Working Towards Common Goals
  • Enforcement Challenges
  • The Elusive Young Abalone
  • Sadly, No Sign of Abalone Rebuilding

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Abalone CoastWatch Occurrence Reporting

If you see or hear of any suspicious activities related to potential abalone poaching, please call the confidential reporting hotline at 1.800.465.4336 or download and send us a completed abalone CoastWatch Occurrence Report form.

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Abalone Watch Survey Reports

The Haida Gwaii Marine Stewardship Group (formally know as the H.G. Abalone Stewards) started an Abalone Watch program in 2004. It is one of several, mainly First Nations driven, CoastWatch programs on the coast; most of which receive funding through the Habitat Stewardship Program. Vessel operators, business owners, Watchmen, and other volunteers who are active on the water were registered and asked to report suspicious activities that may be related to abalone poaching. In 2005, approximately 50 participants registered for the program, as of 2011 there are over 70 members. These members receive regular newsletters, CoastWatch materials (reporting forms, decals etc.) and were invited to training workshops in 2009 and 2010. Surveys of CoastWatch participants have been conducted in 2005, 2007, and 2009. The purpose of these surveys is to:

  • profile typical participants and estimate overall volunteer effort;
  • assess the incidence of unreported observations of suspicious activity; and
  • identify ways that the Abalone Watch program could be improved.

Survey Reports:

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DFO Abalone News Releases

DFO News Releases about abalone are available on the website: http://www.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/ops/fm/shellfish/abalone/news_e.htm

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