Abalone Stewards

The Haida Gwaii Marine Stewardship Group

The Haida Gwaii Marine Stewardship Group (HG MSG), formally known as the Haida Gwaii Abalone Stewards, are community and conservation organizations, individuals and government agencies striving to ensure the survival of northern abalone and other marine species at risk around Haida Gwaii.

The Haida Gwaii Marine Stewardship Group is represented by this northern abalone design by Old Massett artist Frank Williams. The design symbolizes the inseparable connection between abalone and people. Abalone is an important traditional food of the Haida and is considered a delicacy in global markets today. The northern abalone is currently listed as endangered.

The face inside the shell represents the human form with no distinction between race nor sex. The human lips touch the apex of the spire, a kiss that acknowledges the ancient origin of the animal and its importance as a food source for many creatures, including people. The nurturing kiss also speaks to the responsibility of people to ensure the well-being of abalone – abalone stewardship. Surrounding the abalone are small black dots that represent the broadcast release of either eggs or sperm. When an egg and sperm unite in sea water, they develop into abalone larvae, beginning the next generation in the cycle of life.

The Haida Gwaii Marine Stewardship Group is composed of:

Thanks to the Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk – a program managed cooperatively by Environment Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Parks Canada – for funding work of the Haida Gwaii Marine Stewardship Group.

The Haida Gwaii Marine Stewardship Group is part of a team of organizations and people who make up the Abalone Regional Implementation Group (AbRIG). This group was formed to oversee the implementation of the Abalone Recovery Strategy/Action Plan.

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Abalone Regional Implementation Group

Abalone Recovery Implementation Group 2009/2010 Members

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Contact us

  • Massett Haida Fisheries office
    PO Box 87
  • Massett, BC V0T 1M0
  • Phone • (250) 626-3302
    Fax • (250) 626-3309
  • Skidegate Haida Fisheries office
    PO Box 98
  • Queen Charlotte, BC V0T 1S0
  • Phone • (250) 559-8945
    Fax • (250) 559-8951

If you hear anything about abalone poaching or see suspicious activities, record your observation and report to the confidential Abalone Coast Watch hotline at 1.800.465.4336.

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Abalone Underwater Video

Haida Fisheries Program divers filmed some of their abalone research work and abalone in their natural habitat around Haida Gwaii. Funding from the Habitat Stewardship Program facilitated the creation of this abalone stewardship educational video. This video is being used in our school education program and in public outreach activities and is available to view and download on the Council of the Haida Nation website.

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