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With no dedicated outreach funding, Marine Matters has not hosted any community events for the past couple of years. We believe that communication and dialogue are key to building and maintaining strong relationships between people of Haida Gwaii and therefore continue to foster open discussion about marine matters of concern to the Islands.

Ocean Fertilization Public Presentations by ETC Group

Based on published scientific knowledge, scientists from the international community recommended to the United Nations that large-scale ocean fertilization not be permitted because the potential for carbon sequestration did not outweigh the potential risks and harm resulting from this activity.

In July 2012, Russ George and the Old Massett Village Council conducted iron fertilization activities in the North Pacific Ocean (www.haidasalmon.net) which were reported to the international news media by ETC Group (www.etcgroup.org) in October 2012. The activities are currently under investigation by Environment Canada.

In March 2013, ETC director Pat Mooney offered to come up to Haida Gwaii to make public presentations about the ETC Group’s work and why they are concerned about ocean fertilization and other geoengineering activities. Listen to audio recordings of both presentations and discussions below:

(click to listen via live streaming or right click and save as to download to your computer for offline listening)

Skidegate, Kay Llnagaay Centre, March 5th

Masset, Howard Phillips Community Hall, March 6th

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