2007 Events

During the summer of 2007, Marine Matters had booths at two exciting community events, Skidegate Days and the Tlell Fall Fair. Both booths focused on learning more about the amazing creatures that inhabit the oceans, promoting ocean stewardship and, of course, having fun!

In addition to community events, Marine Matters hosted a number of guest speakers on Haida Gwaii this past year. Issues such as Aquatic Invasive Species, Chronic Oil and Oiled Seabirds and the Oil & Gas Moratorium were discussed. Thanks to everyone who came out and participated in these workshops. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more exciting events in 2008!

Community Events

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Speaker Series

  • Debbie Paltzat, Shellfish & Marine Plant Biologist, B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Lands. Are we Being Invaded? A presentation and workshop on Aquatic Invasive Species. Skidegate. Presentation Poster [pdf • 179kb]
  • Peter Davidson, Bird Studies Canada. A presentation and workshop on Coastal Waterbirds & Beached Bird Surveys. Skidegate & Old Masset.
  • Patrick O’Hara, Environment Canada & Sarah Patton, Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society. A closer looked at the issue of Chronic Oil Discharge in Canadian Waters. Skidegate & Old Masset.
  • Rosemary Ahtuangaruak & Mae Masuleak, Inupiat guest speakers from Nuisqut, Alaska, Margot McMillian & Todd Monge, West Coast Environmental Law. Inupiat Experience with the Oil and Gas Industry in Alaska & BC’s North Coast Tanker Moratorium. Skidegate & Old Masset. Presentation Poster [pdf • 292kb]

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