2002 Events

Much of 2002 outreach activities were focused on the Marine Matters Speakers Series - bringing writers, professors and conservationists to the Islands to share their experiences in marine biology, conservation and protected area planning.

Marine Matters booths were set-up at Hospital Days and the Tlell Fall Fair. For Oceans Day, family activities were hosted in numerous venues from Queen Charlotte City to Skidegate.

Community Events

  • Oceans Day • Queen Charlotte City & Skidegate • Photo Gallery
  • Hospital Days • Queen Charlotte Community Hall
  • Tlell Fall Fair • Tlell Fairgrounds, Tlell • Photo Gallery

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Speaker Series

  • Dr. Jane Watson, Malaspina College • Skidegate & Old Massett
    Sea Otters, Abalone & Kelp Forest Ecology
  • Dr. FJR "Max" Taylor, University of British Columbia • Skidegate & Old Massett
    Plankton Soup & Red Tides
  • Dr. Elliott Norse, Marine Conservation Biology Institute • Skidegate
    Marine Conservation & Protected Areas
  • Dr. Bill Austin, Marine Ecology Station • Skidegate
    Sponges and Other Marine Invertebrates
  • Terry Glavin, Writer • Skidegate
    Conserving Diversity & Abundance in the North Pacific Ocean
  • George Feltham, Lobster Fisherman • Skidegate & Old Massett
    Fishermen & Marine Protected Areas

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