Marine Matters: Haida Gwaii / Queen Charlotte Islands

Marine Matters. Most of this planet is marine. We depend enormously on the health and wealth of the ocean for our well-being as individuals and communities. Yet over a lifespan, our time on the water is but a drop in the bucket.

Marine Matters is about awareness, respect, conservation and wise use of what drifts, swims, crawls, floats, walks and breathes in the ocean. It’s about thinking and talking and taking care of marine matters around us.

We who live on Haida Gwaii are surrounded by ocean. The ocean, the lifeblood of Islanders stretching thousands of years before us, is intertwined in the deep roots of Haida people. So too is the ocean enmeshed in the unfolding heritage of recent Islanders, anchoured here only just over a century ago.

What we share as Islanders is a passion for this place – a deep caring for the marine animals and the habitats that support them. From these roots, sprout shoots of respect and vigilance for the marine waters around Haida Gwaii – shoots that may secure prosperity of the sea thousands of years after us.

What goes on out there in the blue waters? How do our activities affect it? How can we take an active role in responsible management of marine resources? How can the Islands community leave a legacy of vitality in the sea around us?

This website begins addressing some of those questions, providing information to assist with marine planning and highlighting activities ranging from grassroots outreach to formal education. Our goal is to facilitate open discussion and dialogue between community members, promote ocean stewardship and provide learning opportunities for children and adults alike.

Questions?  Ideas?  Concerns?

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