Marine Atlas

The marine realm is largely out of sight. Unlike logging and other land activities, we do not see most of what goes on in the ocean. Excepting the piece of beach that we walk and boats we see on the water, the everyday life of the ocean is a mystery.

What lies under the blanket of blue? Where are the phytoplankton, kelp beds, rockfish and whales? Where are fisheries taking place? What are people fishing for? How much are people catching and where is it going? The answers to these and many more questions will help build our collective understanding about the sea around us, its value to different people, marine species and ecosystems.

This Marine Atlas is a beginning to greater understanding of marine matters around the Islands. It is by no means a comprehensive picture of the intricacies of the ocean, but it does begin to paint a picture of current human uses of marine resources and what we know of the marine ecosystems that support us.


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